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Sunday 13th May, 2012 SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER WELCOME to Holy Innocents—we hope you enjoy this time of prayer as we reflect on Scripture together and celebrate the Eucharist. Breakfast is available in the Hall after the 8 am service and morning tea after the 10 am. All are welcome. Sunday School is back in action again ……... Collect for Easter VI Loving God, Your Son has chosen us and called us to be His friends: give us grace to keep His commandments, to love one another, and to bear fruit which will abide; through Him Who is the true vine, the source of all our life, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Today’s Readings Easter VI read by Vanessa D Readings Acts 10: 44– 48 & 1 John 5: 1—12 GOSPEL John 15:9—17 Fr Ron’s Notes available at PRAYERS FOR THE PEOPLE led by Hal S-C We pray for those in need: Ron Teague, Peter Little, Jenny Jeffrey, Dorothy Furnival, the Swaby family , Lynda Knight, Dianne Cordes. Ivanka Cosic, Jim (fighting cancer;) Jake & Gail. Hazel Looney, Tommy Ferguson, Judith Manning, Barb Capon, and Pat Pater HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joan Durdin, Margaret Pressley (BigO!) Mary Castenelli, Jasmine Black HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY YEAR’S MIND— Glenn Chester (1988) Pauline Hall (2004) PREPARATION FOR NEXT SUNDAY - Easter VII - Sunday after the Ascension Readings: Acts 1:15-17 & 21-26 and 1John 5:9-13 GOSPEL John 17: 6—19 REGULAR GROUPS AND BOOKINGS PRAYER CIRCLE meets noon on the 2nd Tuesday each month at 36 Penno Parade North BIBLE STUDY 10am Wednesdays at Pressley’s THURSDAY 9.30am Eucharist 5.45pm Evening Prayer with Wendy and Sue SINGING GROUP Meets after the 10am service each Sunday. All singers welcome MOTHERS’ UNION - meets third Thursdays each month at 2.00pm Walking Church First Saturday of each month at 4.00pm at Belair National Park gates near railway station bridge. Special Note: Ascension Day 17th May: There will be a Eucharist at 6.30pm to be followed by a bbq tea - meat supplied, please bring a salad or sweets. HELPLINE Part of being a Christian community is the support offered to each other in times of need. We offer short-term delivery of food where needed, local transport, phone calls, and other types of assistance. Call Stephanie Lloyd 8278 4260 and Lucinda Hale 8278 8814 RETIRING COLLECTION FOR "BEACON" - 27TH MAY Beacon is an Emergency Relief Service initiative of the Mitcham Hills Inter-Church Council - of which Holy Innocent's is a part. It provides local people with Food Aid and Budget Advice and links people with specialist community services. 2012 is a LEAN year for Emergency Relief Grants so we have to increase our donations to try and make up the shortfall to maintain our services. Please give generously to the Retiring Collection on 27th May David Hall POWERPOINT ROSTER – Next Sunday Jill Hilbig or Joy Campbell Sunday after Don Caddy or Cynthia Macintosh READER- AND INTERCESSOR ROSTER Next Sunday Reader Eric D Intercessor to be arranged Sunday after Reader Iris D Intercessor Max A SANCTUARY ROSTER Next week Flowers Anna Kelly Brass Joan Durdin Cleaning Group 2 Mark your diary please ...... (a) School bookings: May 19 afternoon, May 25 afternoon & evening (b) St John's drama production in hall afternoon and evening of May 31 and June 1 (c) St John's Exams 17-20 July and 29/10-14/11 Flea Market 19th May Next Saturday is the big day. Come and join in the fun, enjoy a delicious Morning Tea or BQ. If you can volunteer to assist on a stall between 9 – 12 noon you will be a special “angel” – check the lists in the foyer. Donations of cakes, second hand goods, books, children’s stuff etc very welcome. Please leave you donations at the hall this afternoon and during the week. If you need someone to open up the hall or collect items for sale please ring Yvonne C. 8278 3352 or Graham Baines 8178 0329. Our thanks for the donations of jams and sauce received to date. The Quire St Nicolas is singing at St Barnabas' Croydon Sunday May 29 at 3pm for a celebration of choral and organ music from 1549 to 1928 (the period between the first and last Book of Common Prayer). It will be a great afternoon. Don't miss out:- 25th to 28th July is when Professor Paul Murray from Durham University will be in Adelaide talking about Receptive Ecumenism. His visit is being sponsored by the South Australian Council of Churches. Receptive Ecumenism is something that we can all do - a practical move forward in working together with other Christians. "What do we need to learn from them?" is the real question; see the notice in the Hall for details of Paul Murray's visit, together will a Registration Form. Forms are also available through the SACC website May is BCA box opening month. Please top up your boxes and leave them in the foyer early in May. If you would like to join the group who support BCA in this way, pick up a 'clean' box from the foyer. (David Hall) A couple of things coming out of the last Interchurch Council meeting 1. Mitcham Hills Interchurch Council will be taking part in the Coro Alive 175th Anniversary Celebrations by putting on a Old Fashioned Picnic on 7th October. It is hoped all Council churches will take part. An organizing committee has been set up and needs cross representation from all Council churches. Anyone who would like to represent Holy Innocents should get in touch with Mark Riessen through the Church of Christ office on 8278 8666 2. Also as part of the Coro Alive 175th Anniversary Celebrations there will a Men’s Choir Concert on 21st July at the Baptist Church, Coromandel Parade. There will be a gold coin collection to cover expenses. RONBLOG More on Intuition aka Holy Spirit— Many years ago, in the parish where I then worked, we had a retired clergyman of some repute, who had happened to be the parish priest for my paternal grandparents almost a generation before. He was a lovely man, a little fey perhaps, and his ancestry may have had a little to do with that. He was born in Sri Lanka, with some Singhalese blood, and Portuguese and a little Irish too, I suspect. Other Anglican clergy in the diocese tended to write him off because of his unusual approach to life, but that was their loss, not everyone else’s! What brings him to mind in this Sunday’s first reading has something to do with Peter’s response to the problem facing him. Like Philip last Sunday, Peter was acting against the (current) rules. Dear old Canon Monty was retired and in his 80s when I knew him, and when he was well enough he would get into his similarly aged Toyota and head for the Base Hospital. The Hospital was not far away from his home and how he had time to respond to what follows still escapes me somewhat. As he headed to the Hospital, a thought would cross his mind, and he would turn around and go and call on someone whose name or situation hit his air-space. Time and again, when he would call on those folk, he would be met with ‘I was going to ring you, Canon’ for some need or other had occurred and he was the answer to their prayers. Even at the Hospital he would change tack if someone there had come to his mind. When moderns talk of ‘random acts of kindness’ the old Canon was forever following that path. His ministry was so totally valuable simply because he followed his instincts, or if you prefer to put it another way, he followed the leading of the Spirit.

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